Types of Extramarital Affairs

Types of Extramarital Affairs “Cheaters”

Types of Extramarital Affairs Cheaters? It´s critical to understand the type of extramarital affair to define the seriousness of the situation after it is discovered:   “One Night Stand” affair (Moderate) While considered as an impulsive and regrettable reaction. Physical attraction combined probably with Alcohol or other recreational drugs may trigger the situation. Frequently unplanned […]

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Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) – Press Release

Los Angeles, CA. December 2th, 2018.   Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) a unique APP that helps discover and understand Emotions in a Potential Cheater interview. Visual SciTech has developed a unique “Human Analytics” – State of the Art” Visual intelligence APP in the Extramarital Affairs field, that extracts microexpressions from a Video every four hundreds […]

Diagnose, Interpretation & Buy “Cheating Detector” Sessions

Cheating Detector – Sample Process Diagnose, Interpretation & Buy Sessions Main Menu Options   Select Diagnose option so Spouse – Self Video Record” a set of 8 Questions. The first question is used as a baseline to compare Emotions and the remaining 7 in the 3 categories (Husband, Wife & Boy/Girlfriend). Reprocess: In the remote case that one or […]

Extramarital Affairs – Risk Factors Survey

What is “Cheating Detector” Survey: It consists of a series of questions related to “Extramarital Affairs” that is aimed to help couples & marriages to prevent and solve cheating.   Related Posts:   Related Posts:   Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:   […]

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ACT posts summary

The First thing to solve a problem is to ACT and Diagnose the situation   The Perfect Job Candidate What to do and don´t in a moment of the interview The moment has come. you find yourself before the person or persons on whom it depends to rent you or not and you play the […]

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Human Analytics in Extramarital Affairs

Human Analytics in Extramarital Affairs Do not miss the opportunity! Rehearsal is the key, and the Cheating Detector  APP is the perfect tool to improve and get to know yourself and hopefully your Spouse better! Human Analytics in Extramarital Affairs   Prepare your Answers Each interviewer has its way of knowing the aspirants, methods, and […]

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