Visual Intelligence helping in the Extramarital Affairs” Prevention & Detection process!

USE Instructions  –Cheating Detector APP 

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Cheating Detector APP

Detail Roles & Process:


Spouse – Self Video Record – Questionnaire!


Victim Spouse

Analyze EMOTIONs to responses & Score “Potential Cheater.”

Score Cheating Lying Test Hintsbased on Checkpoints

Victim Spouse

Review RESULTS, adjust perceptions & make up your mind!

(Printscreen each question Interpretation to maintain a Spouse PDF file)

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* Victim Spouses can record a Session using “Cheating Detector APP to show their partners the willingness to understand & solve the situation.

The best way to improve a marriage is by understanding your feelings that reflect thoughts!

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Cheating Detector APP

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Cheating Detector APP

Visual SciTech Philosophy

ACT – Diagnose

Diagnose a Potential Cheater, understand the value of a marriage.

THINK – Interpret

 Interpret the EMOTIONS behind question responses and Lying Checkpoints. Validate weak points!

SOLVE – Results

 Evaluate RESULTS, adjust your perceptions and make up your mind, regarding the “Cheating Detector”.

Cheating Detector APP

Extramarital Affairs – Cheating Spouse

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