Microexpressions Analysis – Visual SciTech Methodology

Microexpressions Analysis A micro-expression is the natural result of a voluntary or involuntary emotional response to stimuli. Microexpressions occur when the amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and responds to the stimuli felt by the individual and that the last wishes to hide this specific emotion.     Emotions Universality Are the facial expressions […]

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity The technological transformations of the last years have modified our intimate life.   The technological advance has generated necessary changes over time, which are imperceptible. However, when making a comparison between different periods. The transformations that human beings have suffered in the way they relate, communicate, behave, etc., […]

Social and Psychological profile of the Cheaters

Psychological profile of the Cheaters

Psychological profile of the Cheaters   First of all, let describe in detail the profile of those people have developed Insecure Attachment usually present in adulthood with the following characteristics, according to the type of relationships there are primary thereunder which they have formed their attachment. Our encounter with three kinds of infidel people:   […]

Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple

Perfect couple   Key points to be the perfect couple   First of all, when a loving relationship starts and both people feel very involved, there are specific indications that can anticipate a happy ending, like having tastes and goals in every day, fluid communication, internal attraction and above all having a friendship and deep […]

Analyzing Microexpressions

Reading and Analyzing Microexpressions!     Microexpression Are quick and involuntary facial expressions that occur as a manifestation of an emotion we are feeling. I will tell you a secret: these allow us to know what the person with whom we are relating is feeling since they are innate and of a universal nature.   […]

Abuse in a Couple

Abuse in a Couple

Abuse in a couple Abuse in a couple: causes, effects, and keys to understanding this phenomenon   Human beings are relational beings, that is, we can only understand ourselves about others, and the central place where we learn to do it is the family. Statistics indicate that around 30-40% of families suffer some form of […]

Why I Cheat

CASES – Why I cheat on my wife?

Why I cheat? What leads a man to be unfaithful?   This is the question that women ask themselves since marriage feels like the basis of the family. Science has tried to answer it: man, according to some researchers, is unfaithful by nature, since his mission is to propagate his seed to procreate with as […]

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction or dependence

Sexual Addiction Sexual Addiction or dependence First of all, let’s talk about sexual addiction when sexual desire is too frequent, and the search for satisfaction occupies a large part of the day or has negative consequences.   What is sex addiction?   While, Sexual addiction or compulsive behavior refers to sexual behavior, usually with different […]

Cheating Recovery Process

Cheating recovery process

Cheating recovery process Get professional help for Extramarital Affair recovery! But beyond talking to those who have experienced infidelity in their marriages, it helps to get professional help. The feelings that arise after the discovery of an issue are often so overwhelming that it is difficult to know what to do to start recovering the […]

Extramarital Affairs Devastating effects

Extramarital Affairs Devastating effects

Extramarital Affairs Devastating effects Except for illness and death, few situations in life can carry such devastating effects in a couple and family life. Cheating-Detector.org is conducting active research to understand, diagnose, prevent, interpret infidelity and deception.   Cheating Wife – Facts Women spouses are less likely to cheat than men. When a wife cheats, is […]

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