I was unfaithful

I was unfaithful! Why?

What do I do if, I was unfaithful in my relationship? You cheated on your partner no, it’s not an easy matter, but is there a way to fix it? Here are some points to consider to see what is best for you, your partner, and the relationship. Cheating on your partner is a rather […]

What to do when someone flirts with your partner?

What to do when someone flirts with your partner?

What to do when someone flirts with your partner? Non-verbal language is one of the main areas in which attraction is expressed. Therefore, look at the gestures that a person uses to communicate voluntarily or involuntarily with another, is useful to estimate whether there is interest or not. This information can be used in different […]

Cheating-Detector.org Writers Program

Writers Program Cheating-Detector.org

We want to invite people related to the Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouses), from Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Victims, relatives, and also friends that witness the effects and are worried about the well-being of kids, teens, and adults suffering from this epidemic. Writers active participation as collaborators in the creation of articles that help improve awareness, the process […]

Social and Psychological profile of the Cheaters

Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved

Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved Hi everyone. So I’ve been quiet on the group, but I could do with some support right now. I took my partner back after he cheated on me when I was pregnant with our second child as I really believed he was sorry. I wanted our family back together. […]

Why I Cheat

CASES – Why I cheat on my wife?

Why I cheat? What leads a man to be unfaithful?   This is the question that women ask themselves since marriage feels like the basis of the family. Science has tried to answer it: man, according to some researchers, is unfaithful by nature, since his mission is to propagate his seed to procreate with as […]

Cheating Detector Icon

Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) – Press Release

Los Angeles, CA. December 2th, 2018.   Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) a unique APP that helps discover and understand Emotions in a Potential Cheater interview. Visual SciTech has developed a unique “Human Analytics” – State of the Art” Visual intelligence APP in the Extramarital Affairs field, that extracts microexpressions from a Video every four hundreds […]

Extramarital Affairs – Risk Factors Survey

What is “Cheating Detector” Survey: It consists of a series of questions related to “Extramarital Affairs” that is aimed to help couples & marriages to prevent and solve cheating.   Related Posts:   Related Posts:   Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:     Related Posts:   […]

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