Emotionally manage infidelity

Emotionally manage infidelity.

Emotionally manage infidelity Overcoming infidelity requires acting both on oneself and on the relationship by Cheating-Detector.org One of the biggest reasons for the consultation of people who go to couples therapy is infidelity. This phenomenon occurs relatively frequently in society. Couples increasingly turn to the Cheating-Detector.org for this reason for consultation. Discovering infidelity can have […]

Cheating-Detector.org Writers Program

Writers Program Cheating-Detector.org

We want to invite people related to the Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouses), from Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Victims, relatives, and also friends that witness the effects and are worried about the well-being of kids, teens, and adults suffering from this epidemic. Writers active participation as collaborators in the creation of articles that help improve awareness, the process […]

Social and Psychological profile of the Cheaters

Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved

Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved Hi everyone. So I’ve been quiet on the group, but I could do with some support right now. I took my partner back after he cheated on me when I was pregnant with our second child as I really believed he was sorry. I wanted our family back together. […]

Cheating Detector Logo

Extramarital Affairs Statistics

Extramarital Affairs Statistics Cheating-Detector.org maintains a permanent infidelity survey and validates results with other sources. Here we present some results that may surprise you. The results are a sample of the traffic and downloads of Cheating-Detector.org mainly in the United States 72%, Canada 9%, others 19%. Of those who admitted infidelity: 55% of the male respondents […]

Visual SciTech Eye

Faithful Man

Faithful Man What makes a man faithful by nature? This is the question that many women ask themselves.   Faithful Man   They are emotionally happy. The study indicates that men decide to be unfaithful because they feel alone. When a man loses the connection with his partner and the desire to be together, he [...]
Cheating Lying Test Hints

Cheating Lying Test Hints

Cheating Lying Test Hints The Cheating lying Detector Test used by "VIsual Job Hire" is a compilation of elements that we call "Checkpoints" that record the body and verbal reactions of a person when is interrogated and through a detailed observation can be detected if they lie. Source: "Lying Test Hints" - http://visualjobhire.com/lying-test-hints/ Use with the [...]
What to do when someone flirts with your partner?

What to do when someone flirts with your partner?

What to do when someone flirts with your partner? Non-verbal language is one of the main areas in which attraction is expressed. Therefore, look at the gestures that a person uses to communicate voluntarily or involuntarily with another, is useful to estimate whether there is interest or not. This information can be used in different […]

Microexpressions Analysis – Visual SciTech Methodology

Microexpressions Analysis A micro-expression is the natural result of a voluntary or involuntary emotional response to stimuli. Microexpressions occur when the amygdala is the emotional center of the brain and responds to the stimuli felt by the individual and that the last wishes to hide this specific emotion.     Emotions Universality Are the facial expressions […]

Forgiving Infidelity or Signing a Divorce, which is worse?

Forgiving infidelity or signing a divorce, which is worse?     Forgiving infidelity or signing a divorce?   The definition of deception can vary between couples: having sex with another person, the secret consumption of pornography, virtual love affairs and even exchange of glances.   Is divorce the only solution when your partner cheats you? […]

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity

Influence of technology on human sexuality infidelity The technological transformations of the last years have modified our intimate life.   The technological advance has generated necessary changes over time, which are imperceptible. However, when making a comparison between different periods. The transformations that human beings have suffered in the way they relate, communicate, behave, etc., […]

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