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Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) – Press Release

Los Angeles, CA. December 2th, 2018.


Extramarital Affairs (Cheating Spouse) a unique APP that helps discover and understand Emotions in a Potential Cheater interview.

Visual SciTech has developed a unique “Human Analytics” – State of the Art” Visual intelligence APP in the Extramarital Affairs field, that extracts microexpressions from a Video every four hundreds of a second supported by Big Data technology.

How does Extramarital Affairs – Cheating Spouse work?
Diagnose a “Potential Cheater” self-video recording Interview, the first question is soft, to define a baseline and the remaining seven are related to each of the three categories (Husband, Wife & Boy/Girlfriend).

The Interpretation module allows the “Victim Spouse” to score the interview and gives valuable information related to six possible Emotions (Joy, Surprise, Sadness, Anger, Disgust & Fear) generated for each question response, plus “Blink and Attention” graphs to analyze the “Potential Cheater” reactions.

Evaluate and score if the “Potential Cheating Spouse” is Lying by reviewing detail Checkpoints related to Face & Eye expressions, Verbal responses, body language by applying professional interrogation techniques.

Finally Evaluate the Session Results, clarify and adjust your perceptions and make up your mind!

Detail knowledge on “Extramarital Affairs” is available and structured using  Visual SciTech philosophy to “Act (Diagnose), Think (Interpret) and Solve (Results)” and make the right couple decisions!

Victim Spouse can rehearse interviews using the APP.
The best way to understand behavior is by following what you are projecting!

One full FREE session to try it and discover a new human dimension!

Google Play Store –


Media Contact:

Carlos Cayón-Crosswell

Visual SciTech CEO

1(650) 488 8113

skype: ccayon1

Skype: ccayon1

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