CASES – Why I cheat on my wife?

Why I cheat?

What leads a man to be unfaithful?


This is the question that women ask themselves since marriage feels like the basis of the family. Science has tried to answer it: man, according to some researchers, is unfaithful by nature, since his mission is to propagate his seed to procreate with as many women as possible.

But this answer does not explain those who remain faithful and dedicated to their partner throughout decades of marriage. Is it that, as has been said so much, the problems of the couple lead some to seek in another what they do not receive at home? Whose fault is it? Or is it that in some cases there are not even guilty?

The reality is that there are so many ways to answer our initial question, as there are men. Each one of them has their reasons. Here we present three stories that allow you to see what happens in mind ‘and the heart’ of an unfaithful man. What do you think of these cases? We asked them to be honest and to end their story with a single sentence: “That’s why I’m unfaithful.”

Why I Cheat? – CASE Studies





“I consider myself a successful man. I own my own company, and I can not complain about life. My wife and my children can not complain either, because they have everything they could want: the house, the cars, the education, the trips. Nobody gave me what I have. Since I was very young, I studied and worked very hard to get where I am.

That’s why I think that in the same way that my wife enjoys my success, I have the right to do it myself. She loves shopping is her ‘game’. And when she is shopping with her friends, I ‘play’ my way. My hobby is not sports cars or expensive watches. I am an admirer of feminine beauty. I love seeing a beautiful woman in the same way a collector enjoys a painting. That’s why my reward is to enjoy the company of beautiful and fascinating women.

“Everything I do with a lot of discretion, of course. I frequent places where the sexiest women in the world go: models, actresses …

I do not look for a relationship, because I already have it with my wife and want to enjoy an adventure without consequences; of the pleasure of being with a beautiful and new woman for me.

“Many people do not understand that I love my wife, but being with an attractive woman has nothing to do with love; It is a taste, a necessity. Men can differentiate between sex and love, and an adventure does not make us want less to our wife. On the contrary, if I did not have that escape, I would live frustrated, and that would affect my marriage. She does not know, she is delighted with her life, and I am happy. Everyone wins here, and nobody suffers. That’s why I’m unfaithful. “



“I got married very much in love. For me, Mary was the perfect woman in every way. For many years I worked very hard to give her the home she deserved, and when my children came into the world, I thought that she had lowered two stars from heaven. Of course, I do not say that I have been a perfect husband.

Maybe because of the demands of my work and, above all, because it’s something that does not fill me, although it does give me a lot of money, sometimes I feel bad-tempered. Other times I could not be in the most critical moments of my children’s lives, but I was always aware of my wife and my home.

“That was how the years went. I felt secure in Mary’s love. But when for medical reasons she had to undergo a major surgery relatively young ‘I was 40 years old’, things began to change between us: I noticed her more distant, as absent.

“It was a friend who opened my eyes: ‘Your wife is cheating on you,’ he told me. At first, I wanted to kill him with punches. Later I understood that the only confirmed what I suspected. When I confronted her, I experienced the most pathetic scene of my life: Mary, destroyed, told me that after her illness, her lover had returned her self-esteem as a woman.

My world fell apart. She asked me for forgiveness and told me that it had been an emotional crisis, the shock of reaching 40 and feeling unattractive. Although we decided to continue together, because I still love her, her infidelity changed everything. Gave me a license to do what I want, with whomever I want, as long as I’m discreet.

Sometimes I wonder if this is a way to get revenge, to repair my male ego. I’m still at his side, but I can not forgive her completely. That’s why I’m unfaithful. “


“They say that the person you have at 20 is not the same as you at 40. I got married even younger, at the age of 18. My parents tried to convince me to wait a few years, they also threatened to take away the Help, but who listens to the reasons.

At that age? Rose and I were very much in love, and she was pregnant.

“At that age, we got married, of course, our parents helped us until we were able to advance with our efforts, the children came, the obligations grew, the ties were closer … and we are together, at the age of 40.” I love with all my soul, and I know that she loves me. We both adore our children and have a stable family life; No surprises, everything is fine. It is a peaceful life but without passion. I know. I do not love Rose, but she is the most important person in my life, my other half, the mother of my children, whom I could never leave.

“The gap in my life is filled with another woman: Susan, with her I live the emotion, the adventure, the passion that my marriage lacks … Ines knows that I will never leave Rose, she is an independent woman and feels comfortable, with our relationship. That’s why I think I have the best of both worlds.

“But I also have a friend, Joe, who tells me I’m not fair to Rose, that if I let her go, I could find a man who loves her, she deserves it, and I know José is right, but I can not give that step, first, because I will never interrupt my children’s home.

Second, because I’ve been with Rose since we were teenagers, I would not know, how to live without her, I love her, but I do not love her, that’s why I’m unfaithful. “

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