Types of Extramarital Affairs “Cheaters”

Types of Extramarital Affairs Cheaters?

It´s critical to understand the type of extramarital affair to define the seriousness of the situation after it is discovered:


Visual SciTech Eye“One Night Stand” affair (Moderate)

While considered as an impulsive and regrettable reaction. Physical attraction combined probably with Alcohol or other recreational drugs may trigger the situation. Frequently unplanned on business out of town are commonly when they happen.

Accidental regards as a no real and planned decision to cheat, no underlying marital problem.

The majority of cheaters want to stay in their marriages with great guilt and fear of being found out. Related as a spouse with low self-esteem that needs the attention of a stranger to feel good, appreciated and attractive.


Visual SciTech Eye“Only-Sex” Affair. (Serious Cheater)

It is about sex and strong physical attraction. Intense, but it’s also the shortest and quick to end. Feeling alive and attractive is the primary goal, passion banished fast, and the excitement declines if there are no additional connections.


Visual SciTech Eye“Revenge” Affair. (Moderate Cheater)

After some unhappy marriage, a spouse because of anger and resentment decides to cheat as Revenge.

“Getting back” is not going to create healing or empowerment, but to begin an affair. Spouse discovers that the lover is only interested in the conquest, and he dumped her, leaving anger and resentment and the reality of her marriage.


Visual SciTech Eye“Social” Affair. (Moderate Cheater)

“Lovers” don’t have sex?” – How can it be called an Affair!

People became very close working together. They had a lot in common, similar to spiritual compatibility. They love talking and looking forward to time together. Frequently speak over the phone, They realized their relationship is intimate and emotionally much more than just a friendship.

Neither of them wanted to disrupt their marriage. The level of intimacy and intensity makes it an affair, but not physically.


Visual SciTech Eye“Boy/Girl Friend Relation” Affair. (Serious Cheater)

We lie and help create illusions for ourselves and our partners. In this type of affair, one party is free, but the other partner is not. The available believes that the other will leave his or her spouse, given enough time and patience — eighty to ninety percent of the time that will not happen.

Girlfriends eventually realized that her lover never had any intention of leaving. Spouse had had multiple affairs throughout his marriage.


Visual SciTech Eye“Mind-Body” Affair. (Severe Cheating problem)

The most dangerous of all affairs. It is powerful because it includes all aspects, Emotionally, Sexually, Intellectually, Spiritually. A deep connection is felt away, strong and mutual. We think and probably are “Soul-Mates.”

Profoundly threatening to their marriages because it feels so “right.” They may try to end, usually leads to each couple separation and remarriage. The only good thing is that the new relationship often proves to be the right match for the couple. As usual, it creates all kinds of negative consequences, especially when children are present.


Visual SciTech Eye“Sex Addict” Affair (Severe Cheating problem)

Sexual addiction is severe and should be addressed as any other addition. Described as conduct where a spouse engages in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behavior despite increasing negative consequences. It includes Prostitution and all kind of deviations.

Despite efforts to end, these patterns. Even thou there are no chemicals involved. Sex produces a “High” such as drugs or alcohol. Sex addicts often live abusive backgrounds (sexual, physical, emotional).


Visual SciTech Eye“Womanizer” Affair (Severe Cheater)

There is no real feeling or emotional attachment to the affair partners – they are just conquests!

Continuous change in sexual partners.

Strangely they feel a commitment to their wife. Seduction is a part of their game, and there is no guilt from the affairs. They do not want a divorce and is an addictive behavior. Highly manipulative and compulsive Lying. Hard to detect their Deceiving behavior in the Video Diagnose – Emotions Chart of Cheater.

I am cheating a predominantly male activity.

Casanovas take infidelity as a hobby; they are most interested in having a woman affirm their masculinity. “So many ladies, so little time…” brief affairs of the sensual kind.

What most spouse victims don’t realize is that their husbands’ problem has nothing to do with them.”



Types of infidelity

Not all kinds of cheating are the same. But what types of infidelity are there? Relationships outside of marriage of the romantic kind can be classified in different ways.


Visual SciTech EyeA. Direct Cheater

First of all, direct infidelity is one in which the infidel has in mind to deceive his partner. That is before the infidelity occurs the person has already made movements to be able to have relationships with another person. In short, it is deliberate and planned.

For example, when an individual points to a portal like Ashley Madison (whose function is that users carry out extramarital affairs) and remains with a person outside their love relationship with the goal of being unfaithful, is committing direct infidelity. His idea was to be unreliable from the start, and he has carried out his plan correctly.


Visual SciTech EyeB. Indirect Cheater

Infidelity is indirect when the contrary case to the previous one occurs.

In this type of infidelity, there is no initial intention to be unfaithful, but the desires or the act of being unfaithful arise suddenly. For example, it occurs when a person is wrong in their relationship, but closeness to someone who tells their problems ends in infidelity. In these cases, the person who has a partner can come to regret.


Visual SciTech EyeC. Online or virtual Cheater

Online infidelity is widespread nowadays because, with the inclusion of new technologies in our lives, many people use the Internet to be unfaithful. The advantages of online infidelity are numerous. The person can connect at any time (even with the couple at home), and digital social media is a way to escape from the reality of the physical world under apparent anonymity.

Those who commit virtual infidelity do not always get to stay with their partner or companion infidelity physically.


Visual SciTech EyeD. Physical Cheating

One that is not committed virtually. For example, people can meet in a cafeteria and, after engaging in a secret relationship, end up consummating the act. Physical infidelity is the opposite of online cheating.


Visual SciTech EyeE. Affective Cheater Type

Some people consider that infidelity does not necessarily include sex, but the mere fact of feeling something for another person outside the couple is a betrayal.

Affective infidelity is that in which the person who has a partner “feels something” for the other person. We can call it “Romantic infidelity,” and there may or may not be sex. It is more typical of women than men.


Visual SciTech EyeF. Sexual Infidelity

Sexual infidelity is a type in which there is a sexual act, and the people involved do not experience a deep emotional attachment necessarily. This type of cheating is usually carried out mainly by men.


Visual SciTech EyeG. Obliged Cheating

Compulsive infidelity considers as that done by people with low self-esteem and who do not feel loved in their relationship, so they seek in infidelity what they do not have in their marriage.

The fear of breaking a toxic relationship favors this type of infidelity. However, the existence of this type of cheating is ordinary to hold the victim responsible.


Visual SciTech EyeH. For sexual addiction

They are infidelities of a sexual nature in which the only thing the person wants is to satisfy their obsessive erotic need. While Sexual addiction is a manifestation of a pattern of uncontrolled sexual behavior, alternating with periods of relative calm.

What happens in the brain of a sex addict?”


Visual SciTech EyeI. Approval Infidelity

This type of infidelity is committed by people who are ending their relationship and do not have the strength to leave it for good. They need to have someone there to help them get through the wrong time and use the other person not to feel alone.

Finally, the Spouses of this type of affective crisis can promise the gold and the more to their companion or companion of infidelity, but it is a way to avoid the possibility of separation alone.

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