Why use a Scoring System to evaluate a Cheating Spouse?

Scoring System to evaluate a Cheating Spouse?


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Experts say that the “Victim Spouse” have the “gut feeling” when a Spouse is a Cheating. We all have to listen to our instincts. But there are potential problems trying to analyze and separate emotions. How to defend a Cheating Spouse? How to support when we do not have objective elements to prove it?


The conclusion is that the Scoring process should be complemented with objective elements such as the analysis of emotions for each video recorded question also known as Human Analytics.

When a scoring system is used to rank Cheating Spouses, there is a high probability that the process will include the Lying Test thru the use of Checkpoints.

We will explain how using the Cheating Detector APP you can evaluate with a scoring system to diagnose, interpret and assess the situation and why it works so well.

What is a scoring system?

Sounds complicated! The reality is quite the opposite, in each of the questions of the self-recorded video interview, in the interpretation section, it is qualified in each question if it is the “Potential Cheater,” and there are five options from Yes to No.


In the Result section, we will have a “Potential Cheater” Score that we can compare.


 When the Spouse has talked about all of their experience, they should be able to give an overall score of 5 points for someone who trusts, and 1 is someone who does not seem to be Cheating on their spouse.

It is important for the “Victim Spouse” to test the process a self-video session, even score the session, the system accumulates the points of each spouse, with this process you should see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Ideally, you can ask a close friend to record a session


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At the beginning of the diagnose process, which of these key risk factors apply to your spouse.

When reviewing the background and conducting a preliminary session with your spouse, we look for behaviors and answers that reveal if it is Lying.

With the Interpretation of the “Self Video Recorded Interviews,” it reveals previously unknown information to know the emotions of the candidates when answering the questions.

The benefits of using a scoring system where we can see the Emotions opens us some interpretations that can then be confirmed with the spouse.

You are not trusting your memory or your notes for each question, and you have a video recorded testimony as support.

When you take notes during an interview, do you often find that you are simply transcribing what the Spouse is saying?

The notes of the recorded interview focus on more in-depth observations and can be reviewed multiple times as well as the emotions that were generated.

Do not misunderstand, taking notes is very important, but only if you can look at those notes and get information that you did not receive from your spouse.

When you select candidates day after day, it is straightforward for you to forget particular details about the candidates, it can be difficult to remember where one candidate ends, and the next begins! When you use a scoring and video recording system like Visual Job Hire, everything is obvious.

Focusing on skills and strengths is a traditional method until now there was no application to detect the emotions of the candidate to highlight their weaknesses.

On the other hand, the APP has a module of proof of lies that is based on “Checkpoints,” the evaluator can observe the candidate while auto video records to detect these signals that can be very valuable.

It is very easy for the candidate to be responsible for what he would like to have and not in what he has and has achieved. Observing the candidate while answering the questions is a very valuable tool that allows us to focus on his “Face & Eyes Expressions, Verbal Responses, Body Language Cues based on Interrogation Techniques.


Eliminate bias

Unconscious bias is something that we have all exercised at one time or another, without even knowing it!

By introducing a scoring system supported by video recordings for your selection process, the chances of you exercising a bias decrease significantly. That’s because you’re focusing on your love to your spouse, and you’re not looking at factors that signal deception.


This may seem completely obvious, but it would surprise how easy it is to forget it. Using a scoring system to evaluate Cheating Spouses.

The only way to give candidates the same opportunity is to be consistent in their selection process. Using the Cheating Detector APP guarantees that all Spouses will be asked the same questions.

The APP evaluates the emotions by asking the question and the answer during the first 30 seconds that the critics are to know the related feelings.

Do you use scoring systems to classify your candidates? Are you guilty of trusting the “instinctive feeling” when choosing candidates to advance the interview process? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about ranking the candidates. Works? What techniques do you use? Share your experience with us!

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