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Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved

Case: Terrible Cheating Betray! Kids Involved

Hi everyone. So I’ve been quiet on the group, but I could do with some support right now. I took my partner back after he cheated on me when I was pregnant with our second child as I really believed he was sorry.

I wanted our family back together. Well fast forward from then ( October 2017 our daughter was born in February 2018) to now and here.

I am utterly heartbroken and with another child ( he made me pregnant again just a few months after I had our daughter).

This time we had a son which was what he claimed to long for so much but all through my pregnancy he was back to his old ways of being entirely vile for me.

I was still getting told he was cheating again and it all took its toll on me and I went into premature labor our son was fighting for his life, and he was so distant he wasn’t even there when I gave birth.

Anyway, it took me nearly losing my son to get the strength to tell him to leave my house. Because I’d had enough of being treated like I was nothing and that was it he didn’t try to fight for our relationship he just went.

That’s when I knew he was more concerned with whoever he was seeing. It turned out that he had been sleeping with a so-called friend of mine.

It had been going on for some time even before he made me pregnant the second time. Then it must’ve stopped for a bit, but then they started it up again.

Devastation – Terrible Cheating Betray!

I’m devastated that he was doing this with my friend and even more so that he got me pregnant twice more why?

Why would he do that?! And as for her, I did so much for her and her kids I helped her when she had nothing. I welcomed her into my home, and this is how she repays me??

He hasn’t been to see his children since he went which is almost six weeks now.

He didn’t bother to come to register our sons birth either. I don’t understand how people can do something so disgusting and especially as there are children involved in this mess they’ve caused.

I’m devastated by this; I don’t know how much more I can take the pain is unbearable. What did I do to deserve this?
All I ever did was love him with my whole heart, and now he’s left me like a dead person inside a living body.

Response from Cheating support group:

I’m so sorry girl! I was in a similar situation years ago but wasn’t married, but I was only engaged.

We didn’t have any kids together, but my fiancé slept with one of my best friends. We broke up for eight months and then we got back together for a couple more years.

I got pregnant after we got back together and I ended up losing the baby of how stressed I was all the time with him. I didn’t trust him, and we argued all the time. Shortly after I lost the baby, we split up for good.

The pain from him sleeping with my best friend was seriously so unbearable.

The good news is that the pain will eventually go away. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but it will. Focus on your babies and try to forget him and that so-called friend of yours.

If you need to talk or vent you’re more than welcome to message me personally. Hang in there, girl. Stay strong for your little ones.
I am sending lots of love to you. Writers Program

Support Group Advice:

I’m sorry you’re going through this, I too understand the heartache of the betrayal of having kids and saying vows and being UTTERLY devastated by the betrayal of the affair.

I’ve been in a deep dark isolating depression mixed with anxiety and racing thoughts for over a year now. It feels like there’s no end in sight. Just recently have I been able even to feel anything even minorly other than pain but my support groups are starting to help me.

I pray it continues to get better. And I pray you a swifter journey in getting over than I had because some people heal faster or you end up meeting the real person that was meant for you and you move on.

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