Sexual Addiction or dependence

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction or dependence

First of all, let’s talk about sexual addiction when sexual desire is too frequent, and the search for satisfaction occupies a large part of the day or has negative consequences.

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Visual SciTech EyeWhat is sex addiction?


While, Sexual addiction or compulsive behavior refers to sexual behavior, usually with different partners, to satisfy an intense and frequent sexual desire. estimates that 8% of the population can suffer from this disorder.

But have you ever wondered “how much sex” is it normal to have after a week? No numerical data can answer this question because the appropriate frequency of sexual relations is not established by anyone other than the couple.

What is clear is that sexual desire is too common and that the search for satisfaction is an essential part of the day, or it is very likely that we are talking about addiction to sex.


Visual SciTech EyeProfile of the person addicted to sex.


The addict defines by his behavior, which is the result of his wishes. In general, the sex-dependent person has excessive sexual activity, usually without control. Also, it generally has the following characteristics:

A young person (in the case of women, this is called “nymphomania”).
Due to impulse control problems, lack of concentration, etc. Satisfaction is only obtained at the moment.


Visual SciTech EyeSexual dependence


– Persistent in his behavior despite the negative consequences.
– They have ideas about sexual problems almost invariably and intrusively.
– He is not able to control his libido.
– Promiscuity, his sexual behavior is hidden by deception, lies.
– Frequent use of masturbation encounters with strangers, cybersex, pornography, prostitution.

Time spent searching for sex can lead to isolation, as well as economic and family problems.
Low self-esteem.
You have the same discomfort as withdrawal syndrome when you can not have sex.

Sexual addiction is a disorder that has several causes. Recent studies have found conditions that share specific characteristics with sexual addiction. These are the body pathological sexual compulsions, grouped under the category of “spectrum of obsessive-compulsive disorders.

The aspects have in common provide clues as to the origin of this disease: to affect a significantly higher percentage of the population (8%) have an early age of onset, the course is chronic and responds adequately to treatment with inhibitors serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

At the environmental level found factors involved in the development of sexual dependence, as is the case of social failure, the existence of a problematic family, abuse or origin of dysfunctional children.

Finally, some people have in their personality traits subject to “sensation seeking” something that can facilitate the development of addiction as in the case of addiction when this sex function is mismanaged by the person’s gifts.

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Visual SciTech EyeSymptoms and diagnosis of sexual dependence

There is no consensus regarding the labeling of the disorder according to the leading mental health diagnostic manuals. According to ICD-10, sexual addiction is part of a group of diseases included in the diagnostic category “Excessive Sexual Impulse.”

By contrast, and so far, the DSM-IV-TR does not consider it a diagnostic entity in itself, although it includes this type of modification in the unspecified sexual disorder.

In its next edition (DSM-V), sexual addiction will have a clinical name of the hypersexual disorder, whose general symptoms for diagnosis are:

– Lack of control over inappropriate sexual behavior.
– Persistent sexual behavior with self-destructive features.
– Inability to avoid or suppress such behavior.
– Severe mood changes related to sexual activity (e.g., depression or euphoria).
– A gradual increase in the number of sexual relations.
– Inversion of excessive time to seek sex.
– Harmful interference of this sexual behavior in professional, leisure, social activities, medical or legal consequences.

There is a strong association between sexual dependence and paraphilias (e.g., voyeurism, as well as other conditions such as other impulse control disorders (pathological gambling, etc.), obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and personality disorders.


Visual SciTech EyeSexual dependence


We talk about sexual addiction when the desire to have sex is too frequent, and the search for satisfaction occupies a large part of the day or has negative consequences.

The goal of the treatment of sexual addiction is to teach the patient to control his sexual drive and to help him improve his interpersonal relationships. Cognitive-behavioral techniques are the most effective in this type of disorders.

The intervention process of these techniques is based on a prior assessment of the problem followed by a sex education treatment program, change in sexual attitudes, treatment of emotions and interpersonal relationships, and exposure techniques with prevention.


Visual SciTech EyeResponses to Control Compulsive Behaviors


To accomplish control over Extramarital Affairs, a spouse can use different strategies are combined to gain control of the psychophysiological manifestation of emotion (for example, using relaxation techniques) and the cognitive demonstration of it (e.g., thought, self-instruction, etc.).

It is essential to take into account the characteristics of the patient (personality traits, personal resources, previous attempts at resolution) and the functioning of the problem (antecedents, evolution, factors that they are currently maintaining the problem).

The cognitive and emotional management strategies mentioned above should be combined with behavioral training consisting of combining different techniques based on practicing new behaviors and eliminating existing ones.

Behavioral training teaches the patient to deal with the desire to maintain sexual relationships, without performing restraint conduct. This type of technique is called “programmed exposure with prevention of response.”


Visual SciTech EyeTherapy of a woman addicted to sex


There are therapies to learn how to control sexual desire. The programmed exposure in its various modalities, with or without a therapist, live or in imagination — the behavioral alternative used in Extramarital affair cases.


The technique allows the patient to deal with internal situations (for example, emotional states such as anger) or external conditions (such as seeing an attractive person) that generate sexual desire without triggering the sexual response as it has done.

In some cases, the psychotherapy should be accompanied by a pharmacological treatment prescribed by the psychiatrist. SSRIs are antidepressants that have been shown to be very useful in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and are also frequently used for the treatment of sexual addiction.


Visual SciTech EyePrevention of sexual addiction


It is essential to study certain personality variables that can increase the likelihood that the spouse that is suffering from this type of addiction or another. While, it is crucial to have adequate doses of self-affirmation, self-esteem, tolerance for frustration, and so on. To prevent reliance on sex or another type of addiction.

To achieve the real goal you have to train the Cheating Spouse ( low self-esteem, submissive, passive, etc.) to behave with assertive techniques that reduce the difficulty of maintaining adequate interpersonal relationships, as well as emotional management techniques.

That allows them to reduce their impulse. The constraint can be accomplished through psycho-educational workshops without the need to receive therapy.

Maybe the therapist knows the personality characteristics of a sex-dependent person can alert the patient of the Cheating issue when the problem starts to be present, due to addictive and compulsive behavior, its prevention is imperative with its early intervention.

Preventing unfaithful sexual intercourse as the sole means of managing the discomfort of the affected spouse.


Visual SciTech EyeThe dependency.


While, it is important to teach other alternative strategies, which depend on the reasons that cause the patient to increase his sexual desire and to maintain a sexual relationship. For example, some patients report having an intense sexual desire after having discussed or when they are facing a high-stress situation.

Finally, the treatment is that once the patient has identified the sensations that he/she feels like anger or disgust. Look for an alternative resolution strategy that is more effective than maintaining a sexual relationship (for example, talking to someone, let walk, play sports, devote time to another activity that requires your attention, etc.).


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Test if you are a SEX Addict!

Sum the number for each of the ten selected responses and at the end check the results.

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I. When I want to have sex:

1. I keep them if I can at that moment and, if not, I wait without particular discomfort.
2. I try to have them as soon as possible. Otherwise, I am uncomfortable.
3. It has to be here and now.


Visual SciTech EyeII. The degree of control I have over my sex drive …

1. It is lower than I would like.
2. I think it is adequate.
3. It is null; I can not control it.


Visual SciTech EyeIII. To what extent the need to have sex has caused problems in your daily life (for example at work, with your partner, etc.)?

1. Never or almost never.
2. Many times or often.
3. Frequently.


Visual SciTech EyeIV. My partner considers that the frequency of sexual intercourse that I need to be at ease …

1. It is adequate.
2. It is high.
3. It is excessive and not acceptable.


Visual SciTech EyeV. How often do you use pornographic material (web, videos, etc.)?

1. Once a week or less.
2. Every day.
3. Several times on the same day.


Visual SciTech EyeVI. If I have a pending issue to finish (for example a job, an appointment …) and I feel like having sex …

1. I finish it, and sometimes I miss “the desire.”
2. I try to hurry to end as soon as possible and thus maintain sexual relations or masturbate as quickly as possible.
3. I stop doing it to have sex or masturbate without caring about the consequences.


Visual SciTech EyeVII. How often do you masturbate?

1. Once a week or less.
2. Every day
3. Several times on the same day.


Visual SciTech EyeVIII. What degree of pleasure do you feel being unfaithful?

1. I have not been unfaithful.
2. Feed my Ego.
3. Very High.


Visual SciTech EyeIX. How often do you have sexual encounters with strangers or prostitutes?

1. I do not do it, or I have done it exceptionally.
2. Sometimes.
3. Whenever I can or want to.


Visual SciTech EyeX. When I reflect on my sexual behavior:

1. I think it is appropriate and that I control it.
2. I think sometimes it gets out of hand.

3. I guess I have lost control over my sexual impulses or I feel guilt or shame.


Visual SciTech EyeScore Ranges Points:


=> 26 – Very High Sexual Addiction

22 to 25 – Bad 

18 to 21 – Moderate

14 to 17 – Low 

10 to 13 – Remote Sexual Addiction

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