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The Perfect Couple

Perfect couple


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Key points to be the perfect couple


First of all, when a loving relationship starts and both people feel very involved, there are specific indications that can anticipate a happy ending, like having tastes and goals in every day, fluid communication, internal attraction and above all having a friendship and deep trust.
Sentiradmiración by the couple is an essential point to be the perfect couple.

Feeling admiration for the couple is a crucial point to be the couple.

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Visual SciTech Eye1. The first impression is significant


Beyond the physical attraction, it is a perfect sign that from the beginning of the relationship both people feel a lot of closeness as if they had known each other for a long time. “I think I’ve known him all my life,” is usually a phrase that indicates a good omen.

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2. Likes and goals in common

When talking and getting to know each other, the common points begin to emerge quickly. You will realize that they share many things and you will love talking all the time with that person.

You will be surprised at how many aspects of life you think the same and with the same projection: a life together, children, home, work, moral values, religious values, etc.

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3. Mimic and complementing


You will see that with time both will mimic, that is, they will take the other’s attitudes without realizing it. It is possible that others do perceive it and mention it to you at some point. Also, you will see that you will be complemented with him or her in everything. That person is exceptional.

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4. Internal attraction

You will begin to see many virtues that attract you, such as your honesty, loyalty, trust, protection, sincerity, kindness, willingness to help, honor or femininity — a thousand other attitudes that you were looking for in that unique being.

We all have an idea that we would like to find and, when we meet a person who exceeded our expectations, and at the same time a deep feeling begins, life becomes rosy.

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5. Fluid communication

As time goes by both members of the couple seek to be communicated all day, not only in the morning or night. Also at various times of the day and taking advantage of all communication channels. Chat, emails, calls from the phone, anything goes when it comes to listening to your voice or being able to read your normal feelings and experiences.

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6. Falling in love and love


When the stage of falling in love has been crossed -where everything is to admire the person without seeing their defects and idealizing the other- the stage of in-depth knowledge begins.

Here their defects and virtues are seen. That is why, if the idyll continues after that period, it is because the relationship between love and special affection has begun.

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7. Total Admiration

Feeling admiration for the couple is a critical point — that feeling of pride for who we have next-for their work, for their professional career, because they are a good mother or father, etc..

Usually lasts almost always and is an essential point of esteem that is felt by the other. This does not end with the courtship; it continues after married or many years of coexistence. “

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8. Need to be together

As the days go by, you want to be closer to the person, and you do not see yourself without her.

The imperative need to live by his side has begun, waking up in the morning and going to bed together every night. It is an intense feeling that can not be avoided.

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9. Know yourself perfectly


They do not need to talk to understand each other. They do it only with the look. Even, one already knows when the other is angry or annoyed by something that happened.

There is such a deep connection that they feel the same emotions, even if they are negative.

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10. Friendship and deep trust

You must think that with your partner you have started a deep friendship. They count down to the smallest detail and warn that they have the same searches in life.

The deep trust lies, mainly, in the friendship that the couple has and the understanding that both are provided: if there is no friendship, there will not be any trust either.

Remember, your partner should be the priority, and this should be a mutual feeling. Consequently, nobody is more important than your couple.


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Physical attraction and love, at first sight, are two critical factors when it comes to finding a partner.

Denying it is difficult. But it is, after all, a beginning where a momentary passion, intense but fleeting, may prevail, where you rarely get to find stability. Finding the perfect match and being reciprocated is an aspiration that many people crave.

However, to achieve this, we must first have clear fundamental aspects about ourselves.

What do you value most in a person?

What are your needs?

What are your limits?

Maybe the perfect couple does not exist as such, but that person capable of awakening happiness and security. A partner with qualities and values that are appropriate for you. That person whose differences are only small differences in where to fit your pieces to do the perfect puzzle.


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The need to know oneself

When it comes to finding the right partner, it is always necessary that we do an exercise in self-knowledge. Because valuing our life experience will make us understand what is most appreciated in a couple.

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Perfect couple playing the right role

We must think about what we value, or what we could never accept. Would you recognize a jealous person? Are you one of those who maybe values independence and has their own space?

Are you an indecisive person and are you looking for someone to give you security? Or are you perhaps a controlling person that would fit better with someone more understanding? All these are aspects that we must have very clear.

Sometimes we can see ourselves initiating relationships where little by little situations appear where we feel contradicted, or maybe hurt. It is true that often the attraction looks without being able to control it, but it is essential to know what our limits are and how far we can allow, give or accept.

When we know ourselves, we will be able to establish much healthier relationships. We will not look for what we lack in the other person. Many people believe that in a perfect relationship we must find in the other what we require to fill an inner void.

However, this can lead to attachment and dependency. The most healthy thing is that both people have good self-esteem and are together by their own choice and not by dependence or need.

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What qualities does the perfect couple have?

There are three fundamental pillars help to consolidate the couple relationship. Let’s see them:


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While good communication is essential to maintain a stable and productive relationship. It is vital to be able to express our thoughts freely, our needs and feelings, to establish an active listening with the other understands. It is an effective way to overcome any conflict that arises in the couple.


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Finding a person that ensures your loyalty to us and the relationship is essential to feel safe and also to trust what you are living.

As a result, fidelity, trust, seeing that there is an emotional commitment with us and that we are the center of the other person’s interest and their future projects is essential to feel good and be happy.

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Certainly, sharing hobbies and similar tastes is a beneficial value. It contributes to making our relationship something alive, something to find complicity, pleasure, and union.

Nor is it about sharing the same things 100%, and here comes into play the enriching dimension of learning from each other.

Let our partner teach us and teach us our concerns, our tastes, and pleasures. They are the pillars that will establish an efficient and authentic relationship with which to find that desired stability.

Finally, it is true that the perfect or ideal couple does not exist, we are all people with greatness but also with defects. But while there are essential qualities such as good communication, empathy, commitment and affinity, day by day we can go building that perfect relationship with the dreamed person.




A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Mignon McLaughlin


Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. Franz Schubert


Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other. Thus, no marriage or family, no ward or stake is likely to reach its full potential until husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, men and women work together in unity of purpose, respecting and relying upon each other´s strengths. Sheri L. Dew



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