Faithful Man

Faithful Man

What makes a man faithful by nature? This is the question that many women ask themselves.

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Faithful Man


Visual SciTech EyeThey are emotionally happy.

The study indicates that men decide to be unfaithful because they feel alone. When a man loses the connection with his partner and the desire to be together, he will most likely choose to fill his emotional voids with another.


Visual SciTech EyeIt comes from a large family.

Men who are only children are more prone to infidelity. Experts indicate that this may be due to the habit of having everything they want, the inability to share or the whims granted. On the contrary, those who come from a large family, know the importance of having their loved ones, value them and not hurt them.


Visual SciTech EyeThey are the support of the family.

Men who earn less or do not earn anything compared to their wife will be much more prone to infidelity. Conversely, those who are the leading providers of support and family support, are only prone to cheating by 4%, compared to 25%, of those men who earn less than their partners.

If both win the same, as concluded by this study, the chances you want to be unfaithful are almost zero.


Visual SciTech EyeThe friends

What makes a man faithful by nature? According to this study, if your husband’s friends are unfaithful, your spouse is much more likely to be intrigued, start to see it as usual, and if the opportunity presents itself, decide to try it. On the contrary, if you surround yourself with friends who have families and values, he will be inspired to follow your examples.


Visual SciTech EyeIt is very sexual

If your partner loves to have intimacy and you like it too, the relationship has a great future, and he will be faithful to you.


Visual SciTech EyeLooks are deceiving


If you think that tough guys are bad, commit more infidelity, you’re wrong. Our research shows that men who have a rough look or a carefree outfit are more loyal.

Now that someone asks you what makes you faithful to a man by nature, share the reasons, and if you have a partner, it is best to communicate directly with her any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or with doubts.


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Characteristics of faithful men by nature

A man who has these characteristics, it is most likely that you are with someone who will always be faithful to you:


Visual SciTech Eye1. Keep your promises

Your man fulfills his word in all areas of his life. You know that when he agrees to do something with you or with his family, friends or at work, he will do everything he can to fulfill what he promised.



Visual SciTech Eye2. Your Spouse likes your friends, but keeps a distance and treats them with respect

Statistics show that at least half of infidelities happen between one’s partner and our friends.



Visual SciTech Eye3. Do not hide things from you

There are no secrets among you; he knows he can tell you everything.


Visual SciTech Eye4. Knows that there are things that are dangerous for the couple and does NOT make them

It is the kind of man who can distinguish when a situation can be dangerous (such as a business trip with a woman), try to avoid them and do not act as if it were nothing.


Visual SciTech Eye5. He is not ego-centered or a narcissist

Men who love themselves more than anything, are more likely to fall into infidelity and do so out of their ego and need to conquer, more than anything else.



Visual SciTech Eye6. He has no contact with his former partners

He is not one of those who justify being in contact with his ex-girlfriend, he cut every communication when he married.



Visual SciTech Eye7. Places limits on co-workers

That you are in your life, is not a secret for anyone. He makes you respect and sets limits to ensure that there are not even misunderstandings, around 60% of extramarital affairs begin with co-workers).


Visual SciTech Eye8. He feels that you appreciate what he does for you

90% of the infidels say they have begun to feel more disconnected from their partners due to lack of appreciation. The most important thing you can do for your husband is to show, gratitude for what he does for your family.


Visual SciTech Eye9. Intimacy is safe in a healthy way.

He does not use pornography with you; he knows how important it is for both of them to feel connected physically and emotionally. According to statistics, 62% of couples who go through infidelity did not feel sexually satisfied.


Visual SciTech Eye10. Finances are not a secret that he keeps from you

The investments are something else that he does not hold as a secret that you can not access.


Visual SciTech Eye11. Do not flirt with other women

He does not try to call attention of other women, because your faithful men the only woman who cares is you.

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Let’s analyze the situation.

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Fidelity is a matter of personal choice.

On one occasion I heard an interview of an evolutionary biologist in which he spoke that monogamy and fidelity. The human being is not natural that we are programmed for variety.

However, the men who dare to have a stable long-term relationship (and if possible “until death do them part”) deserve some respect as they are struggling with millions of years of biology.

Recognize that there are. But when you see them, do your best to give them the highest praise. And if you are a man and have a loyal friend, you should only congratulate his decision.

Although a certain group would prefer to use the scientific premise that we are polygamous by nature only to not endeavor to direct a relationship … The worst is that this type of men initiate a relationship without imagining the consequence and the emotional damage that it will cause in the woman only by a selfish desire.

But let’s not confuse being in love with being faithful. When a man receives a shot from his wife in the first months of being really in love, it will correspond yes or yes, because mentally he has no space for another.


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Infidels will reach statistically five times more women.

Let’s take a simplistic example; But that will serve to then continue with the other concepts:

A faithful man, on average, how many couples will you have before you get married?

Possibly at most 5 (assuming he had relationships of 2 to 4 years). And to be faithful, we would assume that he is sincere not only with women, but also with himself … So, in order for him to know that he wants to get married, he must have known enough women to know exactly what he was going to get married.

There are even cases in which the second or third couple have already decided to get married. Cheater fame expands among the women around him.

Now, a man womanizer, unfaithful by nature and pleasure, can have the same amount of partners or more … But it will not last long with each of them … You can have, before marriage, relationships with more than 50 women. (or get married several times).

To which he emotionally left half of them because he was cheating. A single unfaithful man can get to know and intimate four to five times more than a faithful man.

It is exaggerated and perhaps a little generalized example; but it is the best way to explain why infidels are perceived more than faithful men.

That’s why he can come to perceive men as infidels and liars because the person who touched them was also with four other women, while the faithful man is still with the same girlfriend of several years ago.


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The infidels dazzle immediately. The faithful are low profile.

Infidels attract a lot of attention and, in general, the gossip that expands on another person (like any bad news) extends much more quickly and widely than the gossip that a faithful and sincere man is trying to do better and better for his girlfriend.

So, on the one hand, the problem is one of perception: women perceive that “many men are infidels” when in reality only a part of them are infidels, But they monopolize most of the headlines. When have you seen on the cover of a women’s magazine: Husband was faithful to the wife?

And here we must make a brief parenthesis, infidelity is not a purely male issue, it is a purely human problem, therefore, it also concerns women. But, as indicated above, there is an expanded perception that men are more unfaithful than women when it is biologically known that both men and women seek the same sexual variety.

On the other hand, faithful men, those who do not like it so much in bloom, do not attract much attention for two reasons: they are a little more introverted and less eloquent or because they are brighter for the bride than for the other women.

Of course, not everything is rosy with the faithful man: some are out of resignation because they have difficulties in relating to other people in general and others are by personal decision.


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