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Extramarital Affairs Statistics maintains a permanent infidelity survey and validates results with other sources. Here we present some results that may surprise you.

The results are a sample of the traffic and downloads of mainly in the United States 72%, Canada 9%, others 19%.

Visual SciTech EyeOf those who admitted infidelity:

55% of the male respondents cheated on their spouse. When it does,  70% was with one person and the remaining 30% with two or more partners.

As for women, 49% of the respondents admitted to having cheated, and 92% did so with only one person.

42% of men met the person they cheated online (either through social networks or a dating service)

43% of the women met the person they cheated within some social environment (bar, office, party) or had a previous romantic connection with that person

34% of men said that the leading cause of the matter was due to lack of sexual satisfaction.

40% of the women said that the cause of the infidelity was emotional satisfaction.

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A high number of marriages continued after the affair.

Although 40% of women admit that they are not happy with their spouses, while 61% of men say they are on good terms.

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where does deception happen?

Where did you meet? Most of our participants who admitted infidelity already knew the person they cheated with, either through work, their social circle (neighborhood, church, children going to school) or through a previous relationship.

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Who Cheated?

About 2,000 people responded to our survey, and 82% of our answers come from people (age 24 to 54 years) – 47% men, 53% women.

Of our male participants:

39% were still married, and 20% were divorced,

while 20% of our female participants were still married and 17% were divorced. (The national trend is the drop in divorce rates and marriages later in life if they do).

When asked “While married have you ever been unfaithful?”

36% of our male’s participants and 21% of our female spouses answered YES.

When asked “Do you think your spouse ever committed infidelity?”, 48% of men and 55% of women answered YES.

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What happened after deception

40% of our male spouses ended their marriages after infidelity, while only 21% of women ended in divorce, regardless of the infidel party.

Private Investigator estimated that 90% of their surveillance cases focused on spouse infidelity.

Visual SciTech EyeWhy do they Cheat?

The leading cause of infidelity is related to lack of sexual satisfaction in their marriages, the desire for more attention (16%) and the desire for a new experience (15%) were among the main reasons why men committed infidelity.

For women, 23% said that the reason they were infidels was the desire to seek revenge.

Why people commit infidelity As part of our survey, we asked why people committed infidelity.

Visual SciTech EyeHow (someone found out)?

In general, 68% of men and 39% of women who committed infidelity said that their spouses did not find out.

For the participants who were deceived, half of the men and women found out through electronic evidence: text messages, emails or pictures.

How did my spouse find out about my infidelity?

How did the infidelity come to light?

Above, those who admitted infidelity mentioned how their husbands heard about it. Next, those who were deceived said how they learned about their spouse’s infidelity.

Visual SciTech EyeInfidelity spouse – “What if, Scenarios”?

In this new digital era, the definition of infidelity is changing, and the media is expanding. Then, in a spirit of honesty and curiosity, we propose a couple of scenarios for our participants.

I.- We asked “Potential Cheaters” if there were no consequences at all and no one knew, that they would commit infidelity.

44% of men and 30% of women said yes.

II.- Did our participants consider the Flirting an infidelity?

63% of men said no, but it was almost a 50/50 split with women.

II.- There was no doubt when it came to one-night stands since 92% of men, and 95% of women surveyed answered yes, an overnight affair was infidelity.

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